Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#Latina:Reclaimingthelatinatag & #onePulse #OrlandoStrong

 My time at room83spring  is almost complete
My body and mind are exhausted but I am feeling accomplished!
Location: 83 Spring Street in Watertown MA

I came in with white walls and a fresh pallete!

On an average i have been painting 4-5 portraits per day... have you noticed they fit on my hand?! they are miniature portraits. After the second portraits my eyes start crossing and that means I need a break. I also had to keep it interesting for myself, otherwise I felt like a factory, so there are about a dozen "unfinished" portraits. I find them extremely beautiful!

A few of them have text, the original text posted by the participant on Reclaiming the Latina tag tumblr blog.

I also dedicated a series to Latina Graduates, there were many Proud Latinas College Graduates!
The portraits in Memory of the #OnePulse #OrlandoStrong victims are almost complete, 3 more as of Wed. Aug.17th! These portraits allowed me to reflect, pray, and think about the families of these victims. It was at times heartbreaking as I would complete one and read about that individual. I have enjoyed and admired their beautiful faces.