Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Puerto ameRican by Nayda A. Cuevas

What can I say about the Current state of the Beautiful place I was born, Puerto Rico? Many of us who have left the island may return to the island they once left as a child. Some do not return. I have been fortunate to visit every year, family and friends since I departed at the age of 10.

I call upon all my Puerto Ricans outside of the island and others to learn about Puerto Ricos’ history and relationship with the United States. I finally found my place in history and it’s a controversial history many outside of the island may be unaware of. Because if we were not taught in school or in our homes about this history, How else would we be aware of it?

My new Art project/ book will come out at time where people ask;
 What will happen to Puerto Rico? Statehood? Independence?

I think that before anyone can answer or give an opinion about this question people should read up on the long (100 years) of the political history between Puerto Rico and the USA.

Preview to my book Cover. COMING SOON!