Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Surface Transforemed


Painting is a magical medium-it allows painters to associate life experiences to smearing color on surface to transform.
The physicality and act of transcendence as its always unfinished before its finished and its always wrong before it is right.
What if I had done... or... is a process. Magical transcendence rooted in process, evidence of its own making, its physicality

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Painting process #Latina #Reclaimingthelatinatag

I will be painting 100 portraits for my series entitled #Latina: Reclaiming the Latina tag
I began with 26
I have added 6 more
68 more to go

I am adding cold wax to this next bunch, It creates great texture. Making it more fun for me!

I apply paint with a palette knife

and scraping paint with a sewing tool I found near by in my studio

Monday, April 11, 2016

Boston Biennial 4-2016- #Latina: Reclaiming the Latina Tag

Atlantic Works Gallery

Boston Biennial Opening Reception

 Extending dialogue outside cyber space and having one on
One conversations with opening reception visitors. Maria and Rocio, both students, found it relevant to come and join me
And Reclaim the Latina tag as an extension of my paintings.
This is what Rocio had to say
"It was my first time going to an art exhibit and it was a fun night! I got to meet a lot of artists and new people. I liked hearing what the artist had to say about their artwork. It was interesting to hear what inspired them, how they did it, and what was the meaning behind the artwork. I enjoyed telling others what Reclaiming the Latina Tag was, and telling them what it really means to be a Latina woman. It was my opportunity to share my story of being a Latina woman."

Friday, April 1, 2016

Historical Identity Project- sneak peek

My first official workshop at The Makers Mills in North Adams in collaboration with MASS MoCA Assets for Artist in February 2016

As a stay at home mother, wife and personal need to create. It is important self-care to take time for myself. My supportive husband was able to gift me a week away to devote time to my art practice.
 Just some small peek at my images as this is an ongoing trial and error project.

I aim to explore narrative structures by recovering the untold or forgotten histories of my Puerto Rican heritage. After reading the book released in Spring 2015 by Nelson Denis entitled “War Against All Puerto Ricans” my eyes were opened to the untold relationship and history of the United States with Puerto Rico. After six months of distilling and processing the book I gained much respect for Pedro Albizu Campos, the leading figure in the Puerto Rican independence movement and became aware of the FBI files kept of individuals in PR. I was reminded of the overlooked and forgotten relationship of my own family with Mr. Albizu Campos. I was prompted to research and investigate my family’s relationship and or participation with the independence movement of PR. My research took me to submitting for Free of Information Act to research if any FBI files were kept on my great grandmother and potentially one kept on my great grandfather whom I discovered presided the board of the nationalist party in his home town of Aguas Buenas, PR.