Tuesday, October 25, 2016

one page of the thousands on Pedro Albizu Campos secret FBI file

My first evidence to support the family' suspicion that maybe my great grandfather 
Angel Ramos Torres did not die in a car accident.

This document states my great grandfather as the president of the nationalist party in his home town of Aguas Buenos. The witness of his wedding was Rafael Ortiz Pacheco, listed here as the treasurer. Both Pedro Albizu Campos and Rafael Ortiz Pacheco were Compadres of Angel Ramos Torres (godparents of Angels first two children)
Pedro Albizu Campos graduated from Harvard Law was a lawyer, politician, and the leading figure in the Puerto Rican Nationalist movement.
Rafael Ortiz Pacheco was a lawyer, served in armed forces, and was accused taking part of tying to overthrow the US government from PR.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day one at MASS MoCA/Assetts fro Artist Residency 2016

Working at Mass MoCA/ Assets for Artist residency. Celebrating one year anniversary sense my first residency here, and happy to have been one of the artist selected in the first group last year
October 2015. Blair Benjamin, Emily Edwards & Briana Halpin are a great team supporting artists. I cant say enough about this amazing residency, Museum, town, and great people.
Thank you Blair for allowing me to return and work in this great community!
My Historical identity project has taken me to explore silkscreen. I am happy working in another medium, but find I do not have much patience for the silk screen process.

My body is in a lot more pain than if I were painting. It requires more moving and pulling!

I expect the finished product of this project to honor my great grandfather Angel Ramos Torres.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How I uncovered my Puerto Rican History-Historical Identity Art Project

Excited to celebrate 1 year anniversary with MASS Moca/Assets for Artist Residency. I will be returning to continue my silk screen images on my Historical Identity Art Project.

The goal for this project is to conclude in remembering and uncovering a family member’s life, suppressed for three generations by fear. Created by The Colonial rule of the United States over Puerto Rico. I recently learned that Puerto Rico was not given an opportunity to fight for its Independence. The main character in the Independence movement in PR was Pedro Albizu Campos. In my experience he was often referred to as that crazy Nationalist. Little did I know or care to know and maybe could have never imagined what occurred in Puerto Rico in the 30’s and 40’.

Have you ever asked yourself: What is the relationship with the United States and Puerto Rico?
Who is Pedro Albizu Campos?
stay tuned for more details...

Vintage bottle from Manantial Las Palmas: Where I wan informed my great grandfather was the chemical engineer and many Nationalist worked.  Location Caguas PR.

My journey in Uncovering my Great Grandfathers relationship and participation with Don Pedro and the Nationalist Movement. Angel Ramos Torres life will not be forgotten!