Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day one at MASS MoCA/Assetts fro Artist Residency 2016

Working at Mass MoCA/ Assets for Artist residency. Celebrating one year anniversary sense my first residency here, and happy to have been one of the artist selected in the first group last year
October 2015. Blair Benjamin, Emily Edwards & Briana Halpin are a great team supporting artists. I cant say enough about this amazing residency, Museum, town, and great people.
Thank you Blair for allowing me to return and work in this great community!
My Historical identity project has taken me to explore silkscreen. I am happy working in another medium, but find I do not have much patience for the silk screen process.

My body is in a lot more pain than if I were painting. It requires more moving and pulling!

I expect the finished product of this project to honor my great grandfather Angel Ramos Torres.

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