Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#Latina #OnePulse #OrlandoStrong

Amanda Alvear a victim of the Orlando massacre had a chance to escape but went back to find her best friend. 49 victims were lost that night.

As I try to understand the hatred in this world in a place I called home, I could only turn to my art. I met my husband Salsa Dancing in Orlando FL, Latin nights at the clubs was my chosen night. I decided to paint the portraits of the 49 in hopes to continue a conversation about acceptance and Love.

Why a painted portrait? We connect with others first through the Face and it is the reason why the painted portrait still has the power to move us. Portraits primary goal is to signal and individuals presence. The small size of the portraits at 3 inches by 5 inches aims to call attention at how we currently look at images (on our cell phones) and draw reference to the old tradition of miniature portraits. Popular among mid 16th century elites, carried as a piece of jewelry such as a locket or brooches, as mementos. 

I am currently the artist in residence at room83spring in Watertown MA and my time there will conclude in my First Solo show. I will be presenting #Latina:Reclaiming the Latina tag and #OnePulse. On August 25th 4-7, 26th 5-8, 27th 4-7, 28th 1-4pm. 

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