Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hispanic Heritage month- Becky Franco Artist

Why is Art important? Why has it an excellent venue to express oneself?

By Nada A. Cuevas, entitled #InBetween2worlds, size 3inches by 5inches
I started making art in order to deal with a sense of alienation and the absence of familiar people and places in my life. At the age of ten, my parents made the decision to move our family from Puerto Rico to Florida. Being relocated at a young age evoked a new sense of self-exploration and need to establish connections with people. Painting the figure became a means to understand people and create connections in my community, while exploring a visual language to better articulate my observations and interpretations of my Latino identity.  It is this identity that guides my work to cultivate awareness of “otherness” in American culture, while raising questions about belonging and feelings of displacement.
Artist Becky Franco is a Cuban born artist residing in NY whom photo realistic oil paintings are exquisite.

By Becky Franco entitled "Clarity" 58inches by 42inches

Artist Becky Franco states:
Born in Havana, Cuba, I had to leave my home and culture as a young child. Art provided me at a young age with an avenue to express myself, a means to acclimate to the cultural changes I would experience in the United States.
Large scale "Realism" is the way I best represent my ideas. I try to find my truth by drawing from self-examination, observation of everyday experiences and the landscapes of my environment.  As an Artist I am always open to inspiration and the influence that popular American culture exerts on me.  I paint the everyday and the commonplace objects that surround me in my life and those for which I have a particular fascination.

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