Sunday, September 20, 2015

AAAaaa... i have been invited to attend the Artist in Residency at Studios MASS MoCa/Assets for Artists!!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited to have received invitation to a two week Artist in Residency at MASS MoCa/Assets for Artists. 

But i need your help to fund it! 

I need help  funding it, Cost/Expenses $1500, $1000 residency housing fee and $500 airplane ticket for my Mom to come take care for my 3 yr old, Lucas.

With your support I can add further dialogue to my new series entitled Reclaiming the Latina tag, which will be the series I will be working on while in residence.
$20support      Postcard of me at work at the residency
$50support      Postcard and 5x7 print of the series to be dispersed within 6 months of Nov. 2015
$100                Postacrad and original sketch made of my process during the residency. Dispersed within 6 months of Nov 2015
Money can be sent by check or via paypal to

This is what I submitted:
Exploring the selfie, and its increasing prevalence in our culture, led me to realize that there are subthemes within how people examine or present identity such as ethnic, gender, or religious identity. Selfies are an expression of one’s identity, however contrived or imagined it may be. For this reason my artwork calls attention to the ways in which new technologies allow individuals to actively voice their opinions through self-portraiture. During my MFA program I explored three different hashtag/ series. The first is #WhatLatinosLookLike, a group of painted self-portraits on those selfies posted on Twitter by individuals who demonstrate diversity within Latinos. The second series, #MurrietaProtest, addresses a shameful display of anti-immigrant sentiment in this country- specifically an event that took place in California in July of 2014.  The third series, entitled #Inbetween2worlds will be composed of a collection of my own selfies taken of me in Arlington, Massachusetts, and in Puerto Rico.
I have recently come across the campaign entitled "Reclaiming the Latina Tag", in which the founders goal is a dedicated blog to reclaim the said Tag. "Because we do not belong to your hypersexualization and fetishization" said Founder Xochitl.
My portrait paintings represent a journey in my continuous search to make connections with the people around me and in the place I live. Exploring my identity produces a visceral exchange of personal and political identity while cultivating an awareness of “otherness.”
My intention is to take images from this Tumblr Blog "Reclaiming the Latina Tag" and paint 15-20 paintings. I have begun four thus far. An opportunity, such as this residency, to set aside time and be in a supportive environment will be a change from the balancing act as a stay at home mother, wife, and artist. I look forward in the opportunity to allow myself time in continuing building this dialogue and potentially make work for a solo exhibition. I would highly benefit from Financial assistance and business coaching as this is an aspect of the industry in which MFA programs do not really provide adequate guidance.

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