Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exploring my Historical Identity

This past Spring I came across the recently published book entitled War Against All Puerto Ricans by Nelson Denis. I will admit that i have not been a person interested in History, any history. But with the help of articles published by Latino Rebels on above mentioned book my curiosity got the best of me. There is an untold history of Puerto Rico and its relationship with the United States, that it is ugly. Just like a lot of its history in the mainland.

The book scared, astonished, and angered me to my inner most core. And awoke an intense desire to investigate my family's past with Puerto Rico's #1 Nationalist, Pedro Albizu Campos.
Having read about Don Pedro I gained respect and admiration for his passion and vision. It has taken six months for me to properly digest the information i read on the book and have come up with a plan as to how to regurgitate it Artistically.

Revisiting History is a determination to change how we understand the present. When we revisit history, time collapses; what was once present and is now past becomes vividly present once again.
(quoted from Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual art after 1980. p.135)
Not Naydas Art but a clue

What is significant in an artists own life is tied to larger public events. Will I be able to evoke passage of time?

Stay tuned to drawings, drafts, and explorations.

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